IMG_2482 (Medium) IMG_2484 (Medium)ALL lights come prewired with UL approved electrical components. The table and floor lamp sockets are rated at 250w and come with 6′ of 18 gauge antique  cord. Ceiling lights and wall sconce sockets are rated at 660W and are wired with 18 gauge wire and come with all mounting hardware.


Adirondack Craftsman Lighting

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Each lamp is hand made from miscellaneous hard woods  and mica or stained glass. Due to the nature of the natural materials, each lamp is a one of a kind.

These lights were designed primarily as accent lighting.

Clear A15 appliance bulbs will give you the best appearance. Please do not exceed 60w as damage to the fixture may result.

All shades on table and floor lamps are interchangeable.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us at 716-652-6218 or


Installation instructions

Please handle this fixture gently. Before you attempt to install this fixture, turn off the power to the old one and remove same.

Hold the ADK fixture up by the base, make sure the shades are hanging on the chains and not the power cord. If need be, twist the cord in the base to align the shade with the base. Attach the wires of the ADK light to the house wiring using the supplied wire nuts. Gently tuck the wires into the electrical box and attach the ADK light to the box with the supplied hardware.

Do not exceed 60w as damage may result to the fixture

All lamps are available in either a shellac finish or natural.

Inline shades can be ordered in any quantity. Chain lengths can be ordered  to customers requirements, in 1 3/4″ increments.

Shades are available in amber or silver mica.

Designs and prices are subject to change without notice.